Heavy Lift Transport and Forwarding Services

Forwarding Services and Logistic is one of crucial part in the overall project schedule. A mismanagement of logistics process could easily delay the Commercial Operation Date (COD) by months. Naturally, any delay means loss and potential loss of Income for the investor and/or end-user. Our company is providing a complete Forwarding Services from Survey, stowage plan, International Freight Forwarding, Custom Clearance up to the more challenging Local Heavy Lift Transportation to the Project Site. At the Project Site, our services continue with the construction Temporary Jetty, whenever needed, positioning of equipment(s) onto its foundation and/or laydown which usually include jacking, sliding, lifting etc. Our team consists of experience people who has faced and overcome many obstacles which usually come with each Project unique conditions. Especially in the Indonesian Archipelago where the road conditions could be challenging and river mode of transportation is at times the only available option.


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